Defiance (DEF)

Polkadot Network’s first deflationary token which can also be staked!

Review Score
ICO Price
 0.43 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Pre ICO Start Date
20 October 2020
Pre ICO End Date
10 November 2020
Start Date
20 November 2020
End Date
24 November 2020

What is Defiance?



Every address-to-address transaction reduces the amount of tokens involved in that transaction at a rate of 5%. With a live ecosystem, this results in the scarcity of the token, increasing its value, and discouraging people from selling it.

Cross-chain staking

Token holders will be able to stake their tokens on Ethereum Network first. This feature will be enabled on Polkadot Network as well at a later development stage.

Leaderless structure

Defiance is a community-focused project, where each team member equally endeavors to make this initiative successful and beneficial for the community.

Governance model

Throughout the development of the project, a governance model will be implemented to enable the community members to decide on the evolution of the project.

High liquidity with locked funds

In case the hard cap is reached during the sale, 2205 ETH – 1,500,000 DEF will be pooled. If the hard cap is not reached, ~48% of the ETH collected from the sale will be added as liquidity to the Uniswap Pool. In any case, the funds in the pool will be locked. This approach will eliminate the potential of a rug pull and it will provide a smooth trading experience with a low slippage rate.

Passive income opportunity for Defiance stakers

With the deflationary nature of the DEF token, 2.5% of the tokens in each transaction get burnt, while the remaining 2.5% of the tokens get distributed amongst the stakers. DEF token holders will enjoy some additional perks with the future collaborations that are in the pipeline.

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