DeMars (DMC)

A mobile phone cryptocurrency (DMC) with a built in exchange mechanism

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ICO Price
0.01 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.008 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Pre ICO Start Date
15 November 2018
Pre ICO End Date
31 March 2019
Start Date
15 November 2018
End Date
31 March 2019

What is DeMars?


– Fees to transfer money and make payments are too high.
– Banks are difficult to deal with.
– No easy way exists to transfer money abroad & buy online, using only your phone.


A mobile phone cryptocurrency (DMC) with a built in exchange mechanism

– Save Money, as all transfers only cost $0.01 (1DMC)
– Make Money, by trading and exchanging on the network
– Share Fees, all fees are rewarded back to users


– A DMC/BTC/XLM digital currency to fiat/gov currency processing company.
– A simple revenue model of 1% per exchange.


$978 Billion – The annual volume of mobile money and remittance payments

$0.55 – Our fee on each transaction (average $55 @ 1%)

$97 Million – Our annual revenue if we capture 1% of the global market


STABLE PRICE:          1 DMC = $0.01
NO BANK RISK:         Funds are never held with a bank and no bank account is necessary
LOW DATA:                 The network uses 80% less data than other Cryptos (which makes it fast too)
EASY:                            There are only 2 decimal places, same as all other money
LOW FEES:                  For DMC to DMC, just $0.01. For DMC to others –  1%
MOBILE:                      The entire network runs on mobiles and all you need is a phone to access i


There is a US patent pending; No. 16/190,900 – DéMars Limited – VS Ref : P3602US00-NQ2FC, on the network design and blockchain.

Amongst numerous other technical and business achievements – the team worked out how to access a distributed network via a “natted” mobile phone network and built a relay for it. They also solved a huge problem in blockchain technology when they successfully ran and implemented cryptographic sortition as the consensus mechanism in their blockchain, within a distributed hash table.

Here is a link to an article Shaun posted on their one year anniversary which details some of the key achievements thus far;


DMC is the network’s native currency. It acts as a “signalling tool” within the network and is deliberately pegged at $0.01 per 1 DMC.  10Bn DMC will be pre-mined and bar the 250m being pre-sold, the balance will be retained by the company and slowly released via regulated partners – to facilitate real world transactions. Should stakeholders wish to hold DMC in their wallets and not change or spend it, this will represent a wealth transfer from the fiat money system onto the company balance sheet. With the fiat proceeds, DéMars will purchase a basket of commodities and publish their holdings in the media (as proposed by Hayek in his tome, The De-Nationalisation of Money). The USD peg will gradually erode if the Fed debases the value of their currency.


The DéMars team firmly believe that distributed ledger technology has the ability to provide access to financial services for those currently excluded by the current system.


DMC pre-sale vouchers are being sold (at a 20% discount) to early adopters who when they redeem their vouchers and download the DéMars App will become the first nodes in the network.

This team will not be conducting an ICO. Here is a link to a post explaining why.émars/dmc-tokenomics-an-ico-is-not-for-us-3fde111a91d9


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