Demeter (DME)

A central hub to rent and farm micro fields anywere in the world – with no middlemen, complexity or the overhead of a big organisation.

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What is Demeter? is the name of the Ancient Greek god of agriculture, the symbol of life and the cycle of nature. This old spirit and the strong commitment to make life better for everyone is what encouraged us to start the project.

The human body is one of the most fascinating organisms known in our universe. While we don’t understand it’s full capability – we do know it requires careful treatment and performs best when it’s fed the best source of energy available: organic food.

Unfortunately within the last few decades, humans have prioritized optimal supply chains and mass-production for food in favor of clean farming. This move has has replaced small farms. Large corporate wholesalers that focus on profit at the expense of trust or quality have become standard worldwide.

But now there’s a growing global pushback. Recent market studies are forecasting that the organic market will reach a volume of 500 billion USD by the end of 2025. And this is only a fraction of the global food market.

Even still it is very difficult – to impossible – to get real organic food. And even if you want it, finding the exact organic products you want and figuring out how to pay the extremely high price for organic – makes it unaffordable and out of reach for most people. is going to change that.

We believe everybody has the right to enjoy affordable, quality, healthy food – no matter your location. Which is why it’s our mission is to make micro-farm-to-table possible – from anywhere in the world. It’s a revolution in agriculture.

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