Developeo (DEVX)

Developeo is a multi business Blockchain backed company focused primarily on EdTech, FinTech, and BankTech.

Review Score
ICO Price
0.4 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.2 USD
Soft Cap
50,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
480,000,000 DEVX
Start Date
11 April 2018
End Date
26 May 2018

What is Developeo?

Developeo is a Multi Business blockchain backed company focused primarily on EdTech, FinTech, BankTech with a goal to be a pioneer in education, career transformation / training and future technologies growth & innovation.

DEVX Bootcamps, DEVX Verified and DEVX University will help all students & professionals who are looking for a specialization or connect their profession with the digital expertise needed in today and tomorrow of the 4th Industrial Age.

DEVX Bootcamps, DEVX Verified, DEVX Leadership and DEVX University will include: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Art, IoT, FullStack Coding, Cybersecurity, AR/VR, Smartwear, Future Banking & Finance, Future Healthcare, Smart Homes & Cities, eSports and more.

DEVX Athena, DEVX Demeter, DEVX Hermes, DEVX Atlas focuses on growth & innovation.

Thanks to big user base and partnerships with developers & professors & companies, Developeo will also create & help startups in the emerging fields.DEVX Bootcamps: 14-16 Weeks – $11,400 to $13,000

Potential Students who wants the best education & Professionals who wants to change their profession.

Hardcore Intensive programs with the best & experienced instructors, completely specialized Education, top leaders in their field, creating the future leaders / winners of Tech. Graduates will be very valuable for top Tech companies, as they are practically way ahead then other graduates coming from Universities.

DEVX Verified: 5-10 Days – For Employees of SME’s and Enterprises

Certification Program for Employees of Companies, Developeo will teach & verify the employees while testing and reviewing how ready and flexible they are for upcoming & future technologies.

Certification and verification will be standardized but also in depth and ensure that a benchmark quality and learning standard has been achieved. Upon standardization, we believe DEVX Verified could become the industry leading certification and most recognized among employers.

DEVX Leadership: Private / Secret Education for Governments & Leaders

DEVX University: Silicon Valley & Governments backed Futureproof University in a Futuristic setting with a complete focus on Specialization & Practicality.

DEVX Athena: Matching World’s Best Professors & Leaders wisdom and experience with Companies & Governments & Partners

DEVX Demeter: Focuses on seed and growth of Startups, including Developeo Graduate’s Projects & Startups.

DEVX Hermes: Helping every part of the world and the humanity, by opening new schools and bringing next-gen education to the youth.

DEVX Atlas: Helping all open source projects & companies for a faster innovation.

1 Bootcamp = 100 Students = $1,300,000

DEVX will create its own ecosystem by generating revenues, supporting the highly talented faculty as well as establishing a blockchain based economy utilizing the DEVX token.

Economies of scale could be achieved easily:

100 Bootcamps = 10000 Students = $130,000,000


Reward Pool for Demeter & Hermes & Atlas: Starts with 60,000,000 DEVX Developeo shares %20 revenue with the pool, creating more opportunities for future projects. Developeo will develop on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Art, IoT, FullStack Coding, Cybersecurity, AR/VR, Smartwear,

Future Banking & Finance, Future Healthcare, Smart Homes & Cities, eSports and for any Open Source project in the Ecosystem.

Perfect economical system with DEVX Token, Developeo will have the most wanted

& powerful supply of Specialized Professionals while having a huge userbase of Developers thanks to the Developeo Pool and Revenue Share. The token demand will be driven by its actual utility case, rather than speculative purposes. With each demand, also reward pool increases helping strong supply, strong demand, and a great financial ecosystem. Rewards help Developeo’s user base. Natural buyback/takeback increases Developeo’s supply. All parts of the financial ecosystem feeds each other.

In all programs and services, there is 15% to 20% discounts if paid with DEVX Token creating an incentive to use for the DEVX token.

As Developeo believes that the world will begin to utilize “smart contracts” as legal contracts of the future, it needs to be easy and manageable by everyone, students, parents, anyone.

Thus Developeo plans to create their own blockchain with a new smart contract system for managing the learning/admissions process.

Also this blockchain will be integrated with future banking systems. PSD2 Banking and API Banking will be the future of banking systems expected to be implemented during 2018 and Developeo plans to create a One-Click-Student-Loans for it’s platforms; (either in Fiat or DEVX Tokens) all handled within DEVX platform.

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