Devolve Developer (DVX)

Standart for Real Estate Development

Review Score
ICO Price
0.75 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
100,000,000 DVX
Hard Cap
600,000,000 DVX
Pre ICO Start Date
1 September 2018
Start Date
End Date

What is Devolve Developer?

Devolve Developer’s platform will empower token holders with a new alternative to accessing real estate investment opportunities, a more accurate and efficient property register, improved property valuation and a more comprehensive approach in transacting in the global real estate environment. Leveraging blockchain technology using smart contracts, the platform will convey transparency, integrity and industry expertise, and eliminate the need of redundant intermediaries.

Devolve Developer created an advanced investment system that allows individuals globally to participate in one of the most lucrative real estate investment vehicles – development projects. With its history of producing some of the highest returns in the real estate market, these projects were inaccessible for the common individual and chiefly imparted by large investment firms and accredited investors with significant capital.

Real estate investments encounter lack of trust challenges and inconveniences resulting in additional
paperwork, longer processing times, funds held longer in escrow, delayed closings and increased costs, especially for foreign investors. In addition, many intermediaries’ lack of trust and unfamiliarity to deal with foreign investors have incentivized local investors or dismissed foreign investments all together. Devolve Developer will discard many of these conventional hindrances and create a fully interconnected
global economy that is completely peer-to-peer contributing to improved worldwide capital flow.

Blockchain technology shifted the focus to the materialization of private domestic and foreign capital in real estate investments and fulfills the necessities of the investment community for shorter maturities, greater liquidity and the development of a funding model that produces new types of risk-hedged opportunities. In addition, the emergence of distributed ledger technology will increase the availability of information on property registration, increase access to predictive modelling and property price trends and enhanced property valuation based on the property’s characteristics and background.

Participation in the development projects will be represented by Devolve tokens (“DVX”), an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This asset backed token is secured by the value of real estate property, readily tradeable and grows in value driven by development projects’ profitability. This tokenized development project structure democratizes access to investments that traditionally required substantial capital commitments rendering these investments inaccessible to the average investor.

With the Devolve Platform, the smallest investment can participate in this high yielding investment environment with confidence in the security and transparency of the platform and flexibility of selecting investments to create their own unique portfolio mix. The platform proposes to eradicate dependencies on institutional intermediaries while enhancing security and improving the real estate liquidity structure through its transaction management system creating a faster, cheaper, reliable and seamless transaction process.

Devolve Developer’s business model is the solution to establishing a decentralized real estate investment and transaction ecosystem discarding many of the encumbrances, surpassing existing competition and improving worldwide capital flow.

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