Dibbs (Dibbs)

Disruptive Innovations

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
30,000,000 Dibbs
Start Date
15 March 2018
End Date
15 June 2018

What is Dibbs?


The Dibbs ICO is being launched to introduce a token from the new generation of cryptocurrencies that represent real-world assets. Similiar to buying shares that are traded on the stock exchange, dibbs tokens, represent a share of our companies profits that are actually kept in secure holdings to ensure token values and distribute that value back to investors should they decide to initiate a buyback of their tokens. On top of that, we are also going to use the dibbs token as a tool to determine the distribution of new altcoins that will be given to token holders at no additional cost.

We will be creating our tokens using a smart contract deployed on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and as we collect initial funds from this ICO they will be deposited into secure holdings that are tied directly to the token values. Every tax reporting period we will deposit a minimum of 30% of our company’s profits into this secured holdings to steadily increase the values.

Values of the tokens will also increase from the rise in cryptocurrency values as we will be investing ICO funds, and our company profits into the leading cryptocurrencies and other investments. As these accounts see gains they will stay in secured holding to create a greater total market cap. We expect to list the dibbs tokens on popular exchanges where their values will be able to rise according to supply and demand, however, to make for a truly safe investment opportunity we will be allowing token holders to initiate a buyback of their tokens after a five year period.

The accounts that create the secure holdings are kept in escrow to fund this buyback option. This will allow investors to see a positive return even if a secondary market for the dibbs token was for some reason unable to become established.

The tokens will be credited during this buyback in terms of ETH, as it will be accessible by interacting with the smart contract deployed on the EVM. Dibbs LLC is the company behind the tokens creation. We are a blockchain research and development firm focused on bringing blockchains into our everyday lives. Currently, our objectives by creating this token sale are to help fund our operations into becoming a full incubator for developers within this field.

We are actively creating a platform on which entrepreneurs and startup ventures may join into our network and utilize our resources to launch an ICO of their own. We select the top companies to receive our services of smart contract development for no charge other than a supply of tokens that are being created for their ICO. These tokens are then re-distributed to anyone holding dibbs tokens.

Distribution is usually set to automatically send tokens to the ERC-20 compatible wallets that hold any amount of dibbs, and the amount is in proportion to the number of dibbs tokens that is held. The more dibbs you own, the more altcoins you will receive. This is the reason that dib bs tokens will hold such a great potential and should see an incredible rise in value as they become available on major exchanges.

We are also software developers that are working on some of our own applications using blockchain as a foundation technology. Such applications include a random number generation protocol for provably fair paying gambling, anonymous credit reporting, and a smartphone application that acts as an intermediary much like Labor Ready, providing a place to locate temporary work.

All of our innovations hold potential to disrupt traditional systems and we believe that blockchain technology will provide the ability to do just that. Each of our applications is designed to operate within a blockchain and will require a token to ensure the proper function of the network.

This means that when we release these applications there will be an ICO to introduce these tokens. When this happens we will be distributing a large portion (10-50%) of the token supply to dibbs token holders at no additional cost. This is our way of saying thank you to all of our original investors that made this all possible.

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