DICEGAME: only white box algorithms, clear and user-friendly conditions of games, transparent transactions, no limitations on deposits and withdrawals.

Review Score
ICO Price
0.017435 USD
0.0001 ETH
Pre ICO Price
0.010461 USD
0.00006 ETH
Soft Cap
4,200 ETH
Hard Cap
21,000 ETH
Start Date
27 April 2018
End Date
15 May 2018


The usage of the decentralized platform DICEGAME with the use of the smart contracts based on the Graphene blockchain will allow to achieve fair play in the transparent iGaming industry. The features are:

High transaction speed
Graphene allows to conduct 10,000-100,000 transactions per second due to parallelization and scalability.

No special skills required to increase winning odds
Platform supports unskilled games of equal chance. You just have to roll the dice and blockchain will take care of all calculations and estimations.

Bonus tournaments
Bonus tournaments are held on a regular basis and VIP-investors get life-long unconditional access to them. 50% of collected fees gets automatically transferred into BT prize fund.

High level of security
We store everything in blockchain. Thus, all the data is kept safe and immutable

Face-to-face games in the P2P network
There are only you and your opponent. No third party, no ‘bank’ nor ‘casino’ is involved. Platform has absolutely no interest in cheating. Both players have equal chances to win.

Deposits and withdrawals at user’s disposal
We do not impose limits on deposits and withdrawals. We believe anyone should be able control his resources freely.

Play with any cryptocurrency you want
ExeptDice token, there will be an opportunity to play with BTC, ETH, LTC etc.

Say goodbye to Random Number Generator
There are no centralized nodes that could influence players’ dice. The results are determined solely by smart contract and data from both participants in a pair.

All aspects of game mechanics and algorithms used by the platform will be open and decentralized.

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