Digital Gold (DG)

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ICO Price
0.1 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
27,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
99,732,330,000 USD
Start Date
21 May 2018
End Date
30 September 2018

What is Digital Gold?

The Digital Gold Project is committed to investing in the gold mining business around the world including Japan and to preserve the environment. This project adopts a rapid online payment function with resource development as the source of asset value and with small risk of foreign exchange fluctuations and revitalizes existing market economy. It is a project aimed at revitalizing the markets in various countries around the world and developing new markets by using unique financial platforms created on electronic terminals. Procurement funds are used to create a stable settlement environment based on virtual currency and to improve the global level of mining business with strict environmental standards. The first attempt to link the real economy and Digital Gold will be done in the international free communication application BEAT, which is developing in our group. BEAT application plans to use Digital Gold as a settlement currency of online contents such as games, movies, etc. besides motion comic as of original products. In addition, at the time of settlement, we offer wallet which can exchange immediately between Digital Gold for settlement which price fixed with statutory currency and original Digital Gold. We plan to distribute the highly flexible Wallet SDK so that any company forming an online market can use it as a settlement currency.

In many cryptocurrencies existing in the world, there is nothing to secure the currency value, the price is determined only by the supply-demand relationship (speculation, etc.) and the value is unclear as a currency. Therefore, in unsecured cryptocurrencies, the usefulness is not as high as the US dollar or Japanese yen in connection with the price when large real economic fluctuation occurs.  furthermore, when exchanging with cash, counterparty risk (credit risk) exists for many exchanges. Digital Gold works with safety net (safety valve) by interlocking with resource development (Gold mining business). In addition, due to thorough measures against money laundering and the effect of decentralized exchange, we eliminate counterparty risk. With this effect, the possibility of sudden loss or sudden fall of price exceeding business value is low, asset value is preserved. Digital Gold will build a fast and secure transmission system in its own block chain. By doing so, Digital Gold aims to establish the cryptocurrency that can be incorporated as an online payment system based on all real economies such as online shopping, games, video distributions, trade etc.

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