Dipitto (DPC)

Blockchain for Gambling and Payment Industries

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0.25 USD
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15 April 2018
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31 July 2018
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1 August 2018
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1 November 2018

What is Dipitto?

The Dipitto Blockchain (“DPC”) is committed to develop a paymentsolution for the blockchain industry differentfromall cryptocurrencies. It utilizes a value transfer protocol to achieve the transferring of payment on peer to peerbasis and to build up a decentralized application platform, which brings blockchain technology into the global payment industry, international transfer money, gaming, gambling.

The Dipitto Payment gateway and wallets, as the most promising blockchain ecosystem for the payment industry, perfectly combines the advantages of leading cryptocurrencies and addresses the inherent problems of existing blockchain systems. It will continue to develop and iterate through the foundation of the platform, as well as through the products and practical business implementations. A new kind of economy mode will be formed by the Blockchain Economy to significantly enhance the efficiency of the industries, as well associety as a whole. In addition to that, the payment industry backs the payment ecosystem to fulfill the demands of customers & merchant.

With the development of blockchain technology, the world of iGaming can undergo strong changes. Blockchain enables to transfer winnings, generate random numbers, isolate draws from any manipulation,therefore it brings full transparency and reliability to the gaming process. Gambling is perhaps one of the few areas where all the advantages of blockchain solutions can be fully disclosed – decentralization, transparency, low transaction costs and high data quality.

The idea of combining blockchain and gambling lies at the heart of our platform. DPC is a platform for playing online games with a cryptocurrency. We use the Ethereum blockchain to provide a cryptographically secure payment system and provably fair gambling with smart contracts for games in the future phases of the project.

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