EasyFeedback Token (EASYF)

EASYF rewards useful and private feedback through our “Proof of Feedback” (PoF): Your Feedback Moves The World

Review Score
ICO Price
 0.05 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
4500000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
15 February 2021
Pre ICO End Date
7 July 2021
Start Date
8 July 2021
End Date
15 December 2022

What is EasyFeedback Token?


EasyFeedback is bridging the traditional Feedback industry to crypto by creating a complete on-chain environment around private Feedback based on:

  1. The novel “Proof of Feedback” (PoF) model which will grant EasyFeedback tokens ($EASYF) to customers that communicate useful and private feedback through www.EasyFeedback.com to institutions and organisations worldwide.
  2. A wide range of products and services for both customers and organisations, in order to help them improve products, services and processes.


1. Involved in the feedback industry since 2015
EasyFeedback has been involved in the feedback market since mid-2015, developing innovative tools, products and technologies that improve everything regarding professional feedback. Its online platform connects customers and companies and has already been used to send more than 400,000 feedbacks to more than 10,000 companies across 50 different countries (around 200 feedbacks are sent per day). The team has already invested around 970,000 USD.

2. A very experienced, doxxed team
Its CEO and other team members have more than 20 years of working experience in the Feedback Industry. The team has experience both in the traditional and in the crypto industry. Moreover, every member of the team is known and shown at its webpage, none of them are anonymous.

3. Bridging a multi-billion, raising industry to Crypto
In 2018 the project took a disruptive turn as it started to incorporate the feedback industry to the blockchain, developing the novel “Proof of Feedback“ (“PoF“) model and launching its Token to make it possible.

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