eBonus Token (EBN)

Empowering the Gaming Community

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0.03652 USD
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15,120,000 USD
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What is eBonus Token?


eBonus.gg is a working platform, with more than 1.9 Million registered gamers, more than 100K games delivered for FREE, thousands of campaigns completed and +300 Streamers on the waitlist to showcase their Twitch Stream in the platform. But what we’re doing isn’t enough, and now we want to go even further. There’s a big problem in the current state of the Gaming Industry. With an overflow of Game Developers and Streamers, it’s very hard to reach Gamers.

The eBonus.gg platform, with the addition of eBonus Tokens (EBN), aims to solve three problems:
1. Gamers want to get any game or in-game item/skin for Free – in a safe, legal an easy way.
2. Developers want a better and cheaper way to advertise their games in order to create a loyal community of paying customers.
3. Streamers want to make their passion for games their daily job, for this reason, they are continually looking for ways to grow a bigger audience and new revenues streams.

Against all the odds, without accepting any investment so far, eBonus.gg is today a fully profitable business. We are currently looking for funds to quickly expand in order to help creating a truly transparent Gaming Industry. Created by a young and highly motivated Team that genuinely believes they can now – with the help of all the partners and advisors who also believe in the project – revolutionize the way Developers and Gamers interact. Join our Social Communities, ask us questions and help us empower Gamers, Developers, and Streamers.

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