eGold Mining (EGM)

Mining. Hosting. Cloud Mining.

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
500,000 USD
Hard Cap
Pre ICO Start Date
1 January 2019
Pre ICO End Date
30 June 2019
Start Date
1 January 2019
End Date
30 June 2019

What is eGold Mining?

eGold Mining is a cryptocurrency mining solutions project (the “Project”) that is designed to allow individuals to support and participate in blockchain mining. The project intends to build and maintain datacenters with blockchain mining capabilities. eGold Mining will be building datacenters in South Dakota, USA. With industrial electric prices quoted at 4.5c/kWh, cool temperatures throughout the year, abundance of green energy, and lack of state corporate taxes, South Dakota is a prime location for a large-scale cryptocurrency mining operation. To finance the Project, eGold Mining is launching an Security Token Offering (or “STO”) to certain investors, which we will convert into an Initial Public Offering (or “IPO”), in which eGold Mining’s selling (EGM) tokens, a security token, pursuant to Simple Agreements for Future Tokens between eGold Mining and the investors. eGold Mining plans to work on a Mini-Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) under Regulation A+, which, upon approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission
(“SEC”), would open up participation in the Project to the public. The EGM token holders will get up to 50% of the Project’s blockchain mining profits paid out monthly in ETH.

Our plan is to position the business to become the leading brand in profit sharing of mined cryptocurrencies in the United States. Currently, there are very few companies that share profits with token holders in the USA so the market is wide open for the taking. After doing extensive research and feasibility studies, we are enthusiastic and confident that South Dakota is the best place to launch our cryptocurrency mining business.

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