Emiba (EMB)

High-Profitable Synthesis of Diamond Raw

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
15,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
21,000,000 USD
Start Date
1 June 2018
End Date
31 December 2019

What is Emiba?

Emiba is an international scientific and technical business project. The aim is the synthesis of new materials with extreme properties for the industry, including synthetic diamonds using ultrahigh pressures. The concentrator is a device for obtaining and retaining ultrahigh pressures developed by a group of Russian engineers in the early 2000s. All patent rights and commercial names belong to the Emiba project. The main goal of the project is the organization of a highly profitable business and production based on its own designed device (Concentrator) to intend for the synthesis of new materials using ultrahigh pressure. The planned organizational and legal form of business is a joint-stock company with further distribution of profit among shareholders-investors. The commercial goal is to reduce the cost of production of diamond raw for processors’ and chips’ substrates for microelectronics in comparison with existing synthesis technologies. Additional is the possibility of economical and safe creating other raw materials as borazon, polymers and new stable crystalline structures of high importance with significant prospects in terms of practical application in many industries.

The goal of ICO Emiba is to collect the necessary funding to complete the development of the pre-series version of the Concentrator. Financing of the practical implementation of the ICO goal carries out at the expense of funds raised during the ICO Emiba. The Emiba Token based on the Ethereum blockchain is a coupon giving the holder the right to participate in the subsequent IPO (Initial Public Offering) procedure for Emiba Company with a discount to the security. At its core, the Emiba token is an analog of the derivative financial instrument of the call option.

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