Empleos.io (PLEO)

Jobs Marketplace Powered By Blockchain

Review Score
ICO Price
0.5 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.375 USD
Soft Cap
7,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
21,000,000 USD
Start Date
25 November 2018
End Date
15 December 2018

What is Empleos.io?

Empleos.io is a new technology platform that brings Blockchain, Machine Learning and Rewards system into the online recruiting market. Our platform transforms traditional recruiting process into a decentralized blockchain environment. It simplifies and incentivizes the “job seekers” in their career search while offering time and cost saving advantages to employers.

Our platform intend to change the hiring process where the employers no longer need to buy access to resume databases from big jobs portals. They pay a small fee (in tokens) directly to a job seeker eliminating the need for intermediaries. Further, users of Empleos.io have the opportunity to earn tokens by using our platform.

Empleos.io is a scalable technology that may be applied to a full spectrum of human resources management tasks as well as to other vertical markets.

Empleos.io platform includes the job board JobsMarket.io where the resumes and jobs search and posting functionality will be implemented. The long term goal of our project is to expand the platform globally to other major online recruitment markets.

Empleos.io has a strong grounding of use of its utility token PLEO as a mean of employers payments and candidates earnings. Competitors projects have little to zero justification of their tokens except for fundraising.

Empleos advantages:

  1. Employers save costs: no need to buy access to resumes databases for employers, they just pay a small fee in PLEO tokens directly to appropriate job seekers.
  2. Job seekers earn: candidates have an opportunity to earn PLEO tokens even if they are not looking for a job right now, they just let potential employers have their direct contacts and improve their resume quality.
  3. No fake resumes: Machine Learning algorithms will clean the resume database from spam, scam or duplicates and ensure their quality.

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