Enzym (ZYM)

Game That Makes You Meet Many People

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ICO Price
0.006625 USD
0.000038 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
1,250 ETH
Hard Cap
25,000 ETH
Pre ICO Start Date
15 October 2018
Pre ICO End Date
29 October 2018
Start Date
19 November 2018
End Date
10 December 2018

What is Enzym?

The way we network is undergoing unprecedented changes. Two decades of widespread internet use transformed social interactions. We have embraced the joys of anonymous expression, online acquaintances and virtualized relationships. There have been a lot of positive aspects to this dynamic but also many limitations and perverse effects.

This dynamic has now started to swing back: back to real life, back to more authenticity and privacy. People increasingly worry about the way their data is handled and they grow tired of fake profiles, unreliable services and information. People spend a lot of their daily lives playing pretends and they would rather be themselves more often and more easily.

In this document we present Enzym, a gamified local social network based on the blockchain technology and favouring real-life interactions. The purpose of Enzym is to inject simplicity, ease and casualness back into our nights out. Social life has become bugged and we see Enzym as a fix. We want to take advantages of virtualization and put them in service of real-life socialization.

Enzym will be composed of smart contracts and tools providing the functionalities necessary to an application aimed at linking strangers. I t will be token-based and free to use . Users will receive blockchain tokens via a variety of means, including challenges and interactions. In order to use the app’s features they will have to spend tokens and have their presence technically certified.

Enzym will offer venue-based billboards, games for tokens and laughs, a chat messenger, a “Hey!” call-for-attention feature, a system for safe and annotated encounters and a contacts list management system. All these functions will be decentralized and validated by the transfer or the freezing of a certain amount of tokens. The token transfers themselves will be validated by NFC or QR code scans.

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