Epsilon (EPS)

The main goal of the Epsilon site is to find an executor for the customer as quickly as possible, which, in his turn, executes the order and receives a cer

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0.061024 USD
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0.061024 USD
0.00035 ETH
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21,000 ETH
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What is Epsilon?

In the modern world there are countless different business lines. People and companies sell different goods and services every day. The essence of business in a nutshell is cheaper to buy and sell at a higher price, if we are talking about goods, and who to provide our services to, if it is necessary to carry out some work. One way or another, it all boils down to the search of an executor by a customer or vice versa – the executor is looking for a market for sale of his goods or services. We have at our disposal an unlimited Internet, in which we can find one or the other product. Some goods are offered to us simply on the street or brought to our work. From the latter, we usually feel that it is something superfluous, like spam in a mailbox. This happens for a simple reason – two partners who can work on mutually beneficial terms, initially do not know about each other. It is difficult to conduct an effective business when every step needs to be considered, analyzed and searched for information.

We offer a platform for business development or simply solving the issues that every person faces every day. The goal of the project is to give customer a solution of his issues as profitably, quickly and clearly as possible. Just imagine a search on Google that understands what you are looking for, as if you were sitting in a bar and talking with a friend about your problem. Perhaps your friend would have given you the right solution based on his experience. But if you sat down at home at the computer and search your question – who can guarantee that there will be one search result and exactly the one you were looking for? Thus, having at our disposal all the vast Internet, we also have tons of trash information that we do not need at the moment and which only distracts us from thoughts about our issue.

Therefore, we consider it very promising such a focused search for information that will enable us to effectively use our working time and develop our business.

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