The Earn Audio Sharing Platform

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0.09 USD
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0.04 USD
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Pre ICO Start Date
15 June 2018
Pre ICO End Date
25 June 2018
Start Date
25 June 2018
End Date
30 July 2018

What is ERN?

The ERN Project is slated to hold a private and crowd sale of ERN tokens. Aligned with its vision of providing innovative and state-of-the-art technological solutions to address existing issues crypto enthusiasts face, the funds raised will be used for the development of ERN Project’s Listern Audio Platform and Mindé Pocket Miner.

Mindé Pocket Miner is the first handheld device powered with innovative and creative technology that supports crypto wallet installation and mobile mining.

The current dilemma of mining cryptocurrencies are expensive hardware, rising electricity costs, and slow return of investment. According to analysts, crypto mining is set to consume more energy than households in the year 2018. How come cryptocurrencies, in their digital form and storage, demand such power and fuel, and now have worldwide real environmental costs?

How about mining apps for Android and iOS mobile phone users? Let’s see. Running the entire Bitcoin network requires yearly electric consumption as much as a medium-sized country. That’s a relatively huge amount of electricity. Imagine portions of it running on a mobile phone. Mining stretches phone capacity and since such mobile devices are not built for that purpose, it overwhelms battery and eats up memory space like no other. Thus, smart phones become dumb phones when it comes to mining cryptocurrencies.

That is why the ERN team came out with the idea of developing a mobile device that is built for that specific purpose—mining cryptocurrencies. Mindé Pocket Miner has the same convenience of a mobile phone, yet loaded with high-tech specifications that mining requires. Aside from being a small but powerful mining rig, the Mindé Pocket Miner boasts of features such as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, cold wallet storage, touchscreen interface, powerbank function, and a camera!

To create a better ERN Project ecosystem for all, the ERN team will develop its Listern Audio Platform, a blockchain based reward system sound sharing platform where listeners can earn by just simply listening to the sound contents uploaded by the users/composers/publishers to the Listern Platform. The transactions of the reward system will be validated by ERN Miners through ERN’s mining device the Mindé Pocket Miner.

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