Eso (ESOS)

Private. Secure. Decentralised.

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
7,350,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
16 November 2018
Pre ICO End Date
4 January 2019
Start Date
16 November 2018
End Date
4 January 2019

What is Eso?


Imagine having the ability to easily and securely store sensitive data, right from your phone or desktop. Your passwords and private keys ready to copy at the press of a button. Being able to create secure groups or announcement channels. Invite friends or colleagues for completely private chat, end-to-end encrypted and secured on the blockchain. Imagine being able to send and receive cryptocurrency directly from the same app. Create personal calendar events and tasks, or create private agreements or polls with other users. Imagine being able to control exactly who has access to every part of your sensitive data, with complete confidence. This is your space. This is Eso.

Eso is a groundbreaking new app giving the user their own private decentralised space, secured with a private key. How the user uses this space, is up to them. Eso offers two key sections – private, and shared. The private section is only accessible and viewable by the user. The shared section is every part as secure, however you can share and communicate with other Eso users of your choice.

There are no direct competitors offering a comparable solution. There are encrypted chat platforms such as WhatsApp, but they are centralised and lack almost all of the tools Eso offers. There are blockchain hardware solutions such as the HTC Exodus device, with a hefty price tag of over $900 and do not include the Eso shared tools such as group meetings, announcement channels or calendars. One of the key advantages of Eso is that the system is completely decentralised, there is no central server in the middle, and nobody has access to any user’s private key other than the user. It is completely impossible for the Eso team to access any data on any Eso user’s account. There is no possible security compromise of our systems or servers that could lead to your data being decrypted or accessed in any way. There are two levels of encryption. The data within the contracts is encrypted with a password, and that password is stored on the contract encrypted by the user’s public key. Eso will be open source once launched, allowing anyone and everyone to analyse the code and see for themselves how Eso works.

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