Esprezzo (EZPZ)

Blockchain Middleware for The Front-End Developer

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What is Esprezzo?

Esprezzo will be the premier platform for developers, enterprises and organizations seeking to develop data-rich web, mobile and decentralized applications that interoperate with the leading blockchains and smart contract platforms.

Among the most interesting and disruptive features of blockchain and smart contract platforms is the ability to securely manage access to distributed data based on majority consensus . It has been shown that selectively moving application data, logic and infrastructure services to private and public blockchains can result in lower operational costs, better data security, greater accountability, and higher transaction throughput . Tests in anumber of industries including financial services, retail, and personal identity managementpoint to an appetite by businesses to adopt blockchain technology.

The problem? It’s not easy to develop on blockchain . The technology is inaccessible to many developers that do not possess experience in C++, Rust, Go or other system-level development languages . In addition to having generally complex programming environments, platform and infrastructure administration of blockchain networks on which DApps are deployed, can require a significant level of expense, effort and experience. Many product and front-endengineers do not possess experience in any of the aforementioned areas and as such cannotfind an entry point to start developing blockchain-based decentralized applications.

Other considerations when designing enterprise-level distributed/decentralized applications:

  • Data may not exist on a single chain,
  • Data may need to be mixed with legacy and off-chain data
  • Data access patterns must be flexible and able to be aggregated into idiomatic APIs
  • Data delivery and access must be “high availability” on the order of a standard web/ database app

None of these concerns are easily addressed with base layer and first generation blockchaintechnology . Esprezzo will change this with a platform that enables complex and scalable application development which aggregates blockchain-based smart contract data, oracle-provided external data, and legacy off-chain data. This will all be exposed in a unified APIwhich provides everything you need to write applications for the next generation of the web.

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