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What is Ethergo?


Blockchain technology can do many things to the current industry, and it has been successful in many ways. EtherGO is one such platform that will show the potential impact in movie and game industry, especially in soundtrack part. The whitepaper discusses about EtherGO, its token and how platform is going to solve how movie and game industry face the problem with search the right soundtrack and face the legality with the copyright issues.

Since the emerge of electronic recording and distribution systems, producers have started finding themselves less profitable when it comes to remunerations and rewards. And the users are spoilt with alternative choices to access the digital content, but most of these are either expensive, which has forced many to opt for illegal downloads while encouraging piracy in the process.

The high cost of digital content can be attributed to middlemen who take a commissions and end up benefiting from the expense of both producers and consumers. EtherGO, through its innovative platform and the use of blockchain technology is attempting to address the problem by cutting out middlemen and optimizing content management and delivery.

The EtherGO ecosystem, built using ethereum protocol is a highly secure and transparent digital content distribution with one-of-a-kind model that shares 100% of sale proceeds with the producers – charging zero commission or processing fees. At the same time, the platform also ensures the benefits are passed on to the consumers in the form of discounted prices.

Many believe that blockchain platforms and crypto-currencies are complex technological, they believe that for someone to be able to understand the technology and use any such platform should have advanced technical skills. EtherGO addresses these apprehensions by providing an easy to use interface and support for multiple crypto-currencies as well as fiat to make it as good as any other conventional store out there in today’s market.

The team behind EtherGO have heard what indie movie makers and indie game makers want. They want to find some indie producers that maybe cheap in prices but highly great in make a soundtrack.

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