Everest (ID)

Elevating Humanity

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0.09 USD
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20,000,000 USD
Start Date
1 November 2018
End Date
30 November 2018

What is Everest?

For 40% of the world population, carrying out basic economic transfer is rife with fraud, leakage, and friction…..which is why it only makes up 26% of global GDP, $15-20 trillion.  The root cause of this disparity is caused by a lack of verifiable identity and transparency. A sense of scale: 1.1 billion people lack a recognized identity, 2.5 billion lack a bank account, 3.5 billion live on less than $2.50 a day, and 5 billion don’t have a smartphone.  

Everest fixes the core problems and elevates billions of people in emerging markets into a fair and digital economy, all transferring value over Everest’s platform.  With a patent-pending biometric “cloud wallet”, Everest’s two chain solution combines digital identity (biometrics + govt. ID + 3rd party) with a massively scalable transaction chain.  By building a crypto wallet with embedded digital identity (both on-device and in the cloud), Everest enables large orgs to verifiably reach and KYC the 5 billion people without a smartphone.

Banks, governments, NGOs, insurance companies, hospitals, all organizations constantly exchange value with users, always requiring some form of identity verification.  In the case of “cash transfer”, a multi-trillion-dollar market of banks, governments. NGOs sending money to users (i.e. subsidies, food vouchers), there is typically a 15%-40% loss due to fraud, leakage, friction, etc., all of which can be remedied by Everest’s platform that verifies identities (100% due to digital identity), and sends digital money, in any currency, to any user, with or without a device.  Similarly, in the case of remittances, laws pertaining to KYC/AML & record keeping must be adhered to, and identities AND transactions must be cryptographically bonded together. As regulatory bodies have noted, all existing blockchain solutions are not including identity due diligence and are pushing that functionality to outside vendors, which ultimately fails to deliver frictionless, low-cost money transfer to all 7+ billion people.

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