Exbitrade (XBT)

Own Thy World

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ICO Price
0.006974 USD
0.00004 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
3,000 ETH
Hard Cap
10,000 ETH
Start Date
4 July 2018
End Date
2 August 2018

What is Exbitrade?


With the onset of privacy issues and people’s growing interest to safeguard their personal details, blockchain is rightly placed to tackle the problem of lack of trust in such scenarios. A user does not have to trust a third party and same is applicable for service providers as well, thus removing the need of middleman. Instead, the entire trust structure can be moved to blockchain which is not in control of a single person/entity but all and is transparent at the same time.

Exbitrade’s team is working to solve one of the many problems of B2C trades wherein businesses/third parties holding the entire rights to a user’s transactions will be moved out to a trustless framework thus enabling greater visibility and transparency helping denormalize chances of fraud and malicious activities by both the parties involved.

Millenials are unreasonably complex and unique individuals. The ongoing pace of getting things done with the click of a button has left us in the pursuit of individuality. We as consumers prefer to pay a premium for brands that perfectly define us. Globalization has created a singular market, thus any product of your choice is available online as well as through offline stores. We place our trust in these brands to supply us authentic products, what if this notion of trust could be made tangible and with complete transparency, giving us as consumers the righteous guarantee of genuineness.

Exbitrade aims to solve exactly this problem with the help of low-cost NFC tags embedded right into your products directly from the manufacturer, and the information carried by these tags will be public on the blockchain.
With publicly traded securities ownership and stock holdings data from SEC(a body to protect investors, maintain fair and ordered trading markets), a new investor can jump-start his/her investing journey. Since crypto tokens are being traded in exchanges as commodities, there is no ownership statistics available anywhere but within an exchange itself.

There are a lot of tools(MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, etc.) that are handy for an experienced trader to analyze and invest in markets. But this creates a gap and a lag as well for new investors, who could have realized the potential but could not due to lack of knowledge and untimed opportunities.

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