EzyStayz (EZT)

A Global Holiday Rental Platform Powered by Crypto

Review Score
ICO Price
0.005 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
2500000 USD
Hard Cap
8100000 USD
Start Date
7 April 2019
End Date
20 April 2020

What is EzyStayz?

Ezystayz is an existing hotel and property rental platform which offers the best consumer & host prices and the lowest fees on the market. Ezystays are looking to leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize the booking-renting process into the 21st century and bridge the gap between crypto payments and fiat. Ezystayz platform is safe and a userfriendly p2p platform for the hospitality and blockchain industry.


Inefficient Rental Platforms – Existing holiday rental platforms are centralised with limited marketing possibilities and high fees for both landlords and tenants.
Billions Frozen in Crypto – The growing crypto community can’t utilise this new form of currency to book holiday accommodation while hotels and landlords are missing out on a huge revenue stream.
Poor Holiday Rental Experience – Multiple intermediaries make vacation accommodation booking an expensive, time-consuming and frustrating process.
Lack of consumer focus and user control – Limited control over landlord-tenant interactions and listing features, resulting in less than optimal search results and travel experiences.


Blockchain friendly platform- Blockchain technology integrated with a working model for next-generation vacation rental ecosystem for the digital age.
Building bridges – Bridging the gap between the crypto community and holiday rental for broader crypto adoption and a new revenue stream for hotel and property owners.
User-friendly – Secure and direct payment process for both parties without the need for middlemen.
Extra consumer focus – People are becoming their own brand, service & product. By looking at what travel means from A to Z, from taking a decision, booking, logistics, recommendations, additional services and all the way until you get back home. Ezysatyz is working on streamlining all this with lots and lots of individual peers under one umbrella.


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