FFQuest (FFQ)

Future of Car Rental

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ICO Price
0.1 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
1,500,000 USD
Hard Cap
4,500,000 USD
Start Date
15 April 2019
End Date
31 May 2019

What is FFQuest?


FFQuest is the first of its kind ecosystem, designed to unite the car and parking space rental business lines (or sectors) by adopting the cutting-edge technology of blockchain and revolutionizing the industry of online mobility rentals. By building a Decentralized, open source digital environment based on the freemium model, FFQuest will enable automobile owners, space owners, and end-customers to enter into direct commercial transactions and to exchange value free of additional charges and middlemen. Without fees, commissions or other traditionally
incurred costs, the supply, and demand of the mobility services will use the potential of the robust blockchain automation model in order for all participants to benefit from the better price formation.

The Decentralized system will hold the FFQ Rental Ledger (Distributed FFQ Ledger). This is the primary tool that will govern all details of the transactions between car companies (both independent providers and large franchises), car drivers, space owners, and customers. It will function by using the utility token called FFQ. The web portal FFQuest.com will act as the one-stop marketplace that will offer at its final stage, a superior user experience and easy access to a wide variety of mobility services.

FFQuest ultimate goal is to create a unified global portal – FFQuest.com – that will address the entire range of all participants needs and provide them with numerous advantages.

The blockchain is found to be an appealing solution to the problems with intermediation, transparency, security and incorruptibility, ensured by the cryptographic signatures and encryption, and the decentralized consensus of the distributed ledger technology.

Unlike existing centralized platforms, where additional fees amount to anything between 20-70%, FFQuest will preserve the distributed nature of all deals and listings. The final result will be eliminating intermediaries, safeguarding transaction transparency and ensuring fair pricing. At the same time, it will offer equal business opportunities for smaller rent-a-car companies, as well as a franchise, regional or multinational rental providers. Increased customer satisfaction and reduced fleet downtime will provide opportunities for the more competitive offers to break through.

For automobile and parking space owners, the seamless integration between the FFQuest.com marketplace and the Distributed FFQ Ledger creates an entirely independent and extremely potent ecosystem, capable of challenging and outperforming the top service providers in the $276 billion global mobility market.

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