Fizibu (FZB)

DeFi for Social Media Platforms

Review Score
ICO Price
0.008 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
300000 USD
Hard Cap
8200000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
1 July 2021
Pre ICO End Date
1 September 2021
Start Date
End Date

What is Fizibu?

Fizibu Token is a coin that can be used in all social network applications. If Fizibu token is used for in-app purchases, these tokens will become transferable to all contracted social network applications. You can convert and transfer the “application currency” you have earned to $FZB.

In addition, as the token price increases, there will be an opportunity to earn money from both social networks and tokens, and a natural marketing strategy will be created for applications.

Fizibu allows users to use a single token in all applications that have their own ecosystem, such as social networks, dating applications, video sharing, photo sharing, live broadcasts, and where users earn money.

Here are the advantages of users and platforms using FZB as a purchasing method:

a) Assets purchased or acquired on the platform continue to gain value outside the platform, thanks to Fizibu’s deflationary structure.
b) FZB is very strong against security breaches thanks to the distributed ledger technology offered by the Ethereum network.
c) The FZB token produced with Blockchain technology is much more flexible considering the legal status of cryptocurrencies.
d) Since there will be no platform limitation in the use of assets, it becomes more attractive for users to spend on the platform.
e) Platform earnings will rise regardless of purchases.

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