FootStar (FTST)

Social Platform and Marketplace for Football

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Start Date
7 September 2018
End Date
31 December 2018

What is FootStar?


FootStar is a decentralized social platform and marketplace for football. It connects football and blockchain to create new opportunities for players, coaches, clubs, stadiums, fans, investors and traders. Our goal is to create hi-tech ecosystem around football, which will bring involvement experience to the next level and make it accessible for everybody. By applying blockchain technology we can think about custom tokens backed by legal contracts as a new financial instrument that will remove middlemen in the football industry and become a “stable harbor” in the volatile cryptocurrency market. We will provide football-aimed social network and decentralized exchange where everybody will have the ability to invest into clubs or athletes using FTST token.

Who is FootStar for?
FootStar is for everybody who loves and lives football.

With FootStar, athletes will get access to the football-aimed social network where they can share their achievements, videos and personal statistics. FootStar application will be able to use smart devices to make objective rating system based on collected data. FootStar will give athletes ability to create their own tokens and sell it to their supporters and clubs on the open market using FootStar DEX.

Connecting to our platform stadium managements will get the ability to collect rent payments, sell tickets using cryptocurrency and manage football fields using our application. We are going to integrate game monitoring technologies to make workouts more effective and streams more futuristic.

Big clubs and small teams will get an opportunity to obtain funding by selling their shares on FootStar DEX and participating in FootStar-based tournaments.

For coaches we are going to create revolutionary game management system which will make it possible to alter tactics and send individual signals to players directly using phone or tablet during the game.

It has never been easier to arrange a football event. With FootStar platform, event organizers will be able to arrange tournaments attracting participans and sponsors in a few clicks.

Nearly half of the people in the world are interested in football. Fans are considered as a 12th player in the team, so why only 11 of them receive a salary? Let’s make fair ticket prices and other bonuses for them.

Manufacturers of sports equipment will get 100% targeted audience using FootStar platform. That will optimize their advertising costs, reducing products prices for final consumer.

Let’s open the full potential of football together!

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