Gath3r (GTH)

Web Monetization with Decentralized Blockchains, Masternodes, Merged Mining and Interoperable Smart-contracts

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ICO Price
0.02 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.02 USD
Soft Cap
1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
2,500,000 USD
Start Date
27 May 2019
End Date
28 May 2019

What is Gath3r?

Browser crypto-mining with Gath3r overcomes the costly and energy intensive conventional mining process by decentralizing it with the excess computer power of everyday website and app visitors. Once the Gath3r code is installed on a website, or app, it allows owners to earn commissions based on their users passively mining cryptocurrency with a portion of their excess GPU and CPU computational power. This process only happens during the time the user is visiting/using the website or app. Since each user must opt-in to participate, complete transparency is ensured. Additionally, it is the only web-miner to have Merged Mining capabilities, increasing profitability. However, the Gath3r platform is much more than just a web-miner. For developers and organizations, Gath3r provides the possibility to easily join the ecosystem in the form of a turn-key solution, allowing them to harness the power of the Gath3r blockchain while leaving much of the technical and capital requirements out of the picture.

Given there are over 2.5 billion live websites, which is 2,500,000,000, the potential market for the innovative Gath3r mining technology is huge.

Some other additional features of the Gath3r platform include:


➥ Smart Contract interaction between child chains – This Smart Contract capability permits the interoperability of block chains through Gath3r and Private masternodes. These Smart Contracts can be deployed directly from a GUI and can trigger cross network transactions and tasks based on pre-defined conditions.

➥  Masternodes – Allowing GTH holders to earn monthly fixed rewards through staking, in return helping to secure the network. With the help of private master nodes, Gath3r acts as a unifying bond between blockchain ecosystems.

Transparency In An Increasingly Privacy Focused World

A major point of differentiation for Gath3r, is the transparency of the opt-in process. Visitors are made aware of the system when they access the website or app, through a pop-up similar to the ones users see for cookies. To participate in mining, they must opt-in. The Gath3r software ensures that the user’s device will not be overburdened or noticeably slowed down.


Users Benefit Too

Gath3r’s Loyalty Program allows website/app owners to give back to their visitors through rewards in the form of Gath3r coins. Adding on to the original Loyalty Program, loyalty coins earned by website viewers can automatically be transferred into a web-based staking wallet. This also applies to websites as well; their coins can automatically be staked. This, alongside the Paywall Program, ensure the community benefits as well.


Designed to Scale

The Gath3r miner can pay out in Gath3r coins (GTH), BTC or, where supported, in local currency.This, alongside the unique merged mining capability that increases profitability, all based on a hybrid PoS and PoW blockchain, ensure the expanded functionality and scalability of Gath3r. The Masternodes will contain the bulk of the blockchain and will provide GTH holders with the opportunity to earn rewards, while the lite nodes will serve as the base of the web-miner.

Moreover, Gath3r is built as a turnkey solution that allows developers to fork or clone an existing blockchain and develop and deploy their own platforms, expanding Gath3r’s  technology across new boundaries.

The software platform is robust and can handle large loads of websites and/or applications and their subsequent users.

A Return to Crypto’s Decentralized Roots

Current mining processes are increasingly centralized, due to the enormous computational power required to conduct the usual successful mining, a concentration that threatens the core value of blockchains.

Web browser crypto mining decentralizes the mining process. Moreover, the use of merged mining creates additional hashrate for auxiliary chains, also increasing the security of their networks.


A Win-Win

Decentralized mining with web browsers offers a safe and transparent revenue stream for publishers, a safe and private way for users to reward their favorite apps and publishers, and a way for publishers to share revenue with their most valuable users.It offers what the creators of Gath3r describe as a win-win situation for the website and app owners, as well as for their users: owners can optimize the way they monetize their sites and apps, while their users can enjoy a potentially ad-free user experience and participate in financial rewards for contributing to the mining process. On the turn side, businesses and developers can also benefit from the one-stop-shop forking solution by being able to create new blockchain platforms without the financial and technical headaches.


Funding the Future

Part of the capital will be allocated to the Gath3r Foundation – Its purpose is to help increase adoption of the GTH chain by awarding grants (both in GTH and FIAT) to promising projects/developers who would then build on the GTH chain. Additionally, their secondary objective is to act as custodian and deploy funds if in case there are fiscal troubles with the GTH coin on the market. Gath3r has a holding company has no control over the foundation, the foundation board would be made up of a majority of external stakeholders and a minority of Gath3r founders/advisors.

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