Gazellefund (GZA)

A Brand New Cryptocurrency Exchange

Review Score
ICO Price
0.75 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.30 USD USD
Soft Cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
20,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
27 September 2018
Pre ICO End Date
29 October 2018
Start Date
27 September 2018
End Date
29 October 2018

What is Gazellefund?

Today, the crypto market is growing at an astronomical rate. Profits from cryptoassets are off the charts, the ROIs from some of them is in the thousands of a percent. Amidst such conditions, more and more people are burning up with the desire to invest their assets into cryptocurrencies and ICOs on a daily basis. However, this is a challenging market, one in which not only is acute knowledge of the fields of finance and trading necessary, but a deep understanding of technology too. As a result, analyzing the market takes a lot of energy and time, which ends up being the biggest problem with new investors. In such conditions, many of them simply reject the idea of investing in cryptoassets.

Besides that, every month, new cryptocurrencies and hundreds of ICOs are popping up. It is quite difficult for new investors to study every new project. That’s why the few that actually do decide to enter the market, simply invest in BTC or ETH, and that’s where the story ends. As a result, beginner investors lose out on the opportunity to significantly increase their profits.

Nonetheless, there are experienced cryptoinvestors that have figured out all of the markets functional nuances. By properly formulating their portfolios out of cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens, they can gain impressive profits in a short amount of time. Though, these types of investors encounter a different problem. The quantity of funds that they can manage, are limited to their own personal money.

Besides this, there are exist large professional players within the market – cryptofunds. They demonstrate colossal profits in comparison to common traditional market metrics, but they run into a row of problems that stump their development:

First off, an absence of a regulatory framework in most countries leads to additional difficulty for cryptofunds to assure investors, especially outside the bounds of their regions, that their funds will remain secure. This seriously localizes their operations and limits the amount of new clients, especially from other countries. As a result, professional market participants are commonly restricted to working with local clients and experience difficulties in attracting new funds to manage.

Secondly, it’s challenging for professionals to work with small investors, since communication costs with such clients frequently exceed profits. In order to avoid spending a mass of time on communicating with clients that invest small sums, they are forced to establish high entry barriers, which in turn decrease the amount of funds they manage, and as a result, profits.

All of the problems mentioned above might become barriers to the future developments of the crypto market. The recipe for a solution to these problems is the Gazellefund platform. The platform connects new investors and portfolio managers (experienced private investors and cryptofunds), erasing all barriers standing in the way of receiving high profits while providing all of the necessary conditions for a mutually beneficial cooperation.

The mission of is to make highly profitable investments in cryptoassets available to a broad audience of new entrants while allowing professional market participants to significantly increase their amount of managed assets and profits.

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