Regulated Financial Services

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ICO Price
0.3 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
50,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
200,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
15 October 2018
Pre ICO End Date
19 November 2018
Start Date
20 November 2018
End Date
31 January 2019

What is GCBIB?

GCBIB (Genesis Crypto Blockchain Investment Bank) will bridge the gap between emerging and traditional financial services by being the first fully compliant crypto-friendly bank having the necessary regulatory framework and technology infrastructure. Though there are other financial institutions, banks and crypto-exchanges operating in the same space, many are not fully compliant with prevailing banking laws, while some lack strong technological backing.

Powered by a combination of Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence, GCBIB will establish the necessary regulatory and technological framework, essential to the interoperability between existing and future financial paradigms. The GCBIB Investment & Banking Platform caters specifically to customers looking to integrate cryptocurrency payment options in their business processes, utilize crypto friendly banking services, and facilitate simplified exchange options, all tied together with a Blockchain layer for assured security, transparency and regulatory compliance.

Product innovation:

  • Crypto-Payment Gateway
    GCBIB provides its merchant partners with an option to accept crypto-payments through an online payment gateway solution that accepts payments from digital wallets as well as credit/debit cards.
  • International Debit Card Service
    A transparent international debit card with considerably low fees for international conversions. Conversion fees are waived with the use of GXB tokens.
  • PoS Payment Integration
    An Integrated software solution that allows existing POS systems to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, either through credit/debit cards or digital wallets.
  • GCBIB Digital Wallet
    GCBIB offers its customers a secure digital wallet that can hold up to 25 different cryptocurrencies. The wallet software is frequently updated to meet the highest standards of safety and security.

GCBIB is for:

  • Banking Customers
    GCBIB provides traditional banking and Insurance products to its customers, with the added security and transparency of these services being built on a blockchain-based infrastructure.
  • Crypto Investors
    Crypto Investors will generate a yield on their crypto savings and facilitate frictionless transactions while retaining a bank guarantee of up to $250,000 insurance.
  • ICO Issuers
    Companies looking to launch an ICO can benefit from the various tools and services offered by GCBIB, with the key value offering being the ability to liquidate their earnings post the ICO.
  • Merchants
    Merchant accounts on the GCBIB platform can connect their PoS system to transact and convert crypto to fiat through the PoS integration API’s.
  • Market Traders
    Market Traders are provided with a suite of trading tools and features, allowing them to produce margin/leverage trades on traditional, as well as cryptocurrency markets.

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