GGRocket (GGR)

Unlocks the Potential of Gaming Data

Review Score
ICO Price
0.15 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.1 USD
Soft Cap
3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
15,000,000 USD
Start Date
1 February 2019
End Date
14 February 2019

What is GGRocket?

The GGRocket protocol has been evolving for over two years and has turned from a marketplace for gamers, into a high tech company, that uses data analysis and machine learning technologies to produce high-quality target advertisement and mechanism for rewarding users.

GGRocket is the first tri-function blockchain protocol:

  • Proof of Data: Rewards dApps for recording gamer’s data on blockchain.
  • Proof of Trade: rewards Users for recording their trading data on blockchain.
  • Proof of Judgement: rewards community members for resolving trading disputes.

Different ways of use are appropriate depending on who you are:


  • Use dApps to easily record purchases to your blockchain ID and earn tokens.
  • Encrypt your data, open access to it in one click and get paid by advertisers.
  • Use tokens to safely purchase gaming assets, services, activation keys, gaming devices and more.
  • Become a judge and earn tokens for disputes resolution between other players and sellers.

dApp developer

  • Scale your dApp faster with a unique protocol that rewards users.
  • Easy to build dApp with a growing base of SDKs and Open-sourced solutions.
  • Enough of verified data to train your AI.
  • Monetize existing IDs in GG Rocket If you don’t have your own user base.

Publisher / Marketplace

  • Spend your marketing budget much more effectively to acquire new users.
  • Integrate tools of GG Rocket ecosystem to raise up your ARPPU.
  • Use clear market analysis to make decisions that change your business.
  • Build community of developers around your platform.

Gaming community / eSports platforms

  • Monetize your audience more effectively with easy to integrate solutions and SDKs.
  • Use open-sourced solutions of GG Rocket ecosystem to increase your audience engagement.
  • Use GG Token or create your own with to implement additional instruments of monetizing.

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