Go-Fund (GFC)

Connect Cryptocurrencies And Real Economy

Review Score
ICO Price
0.82 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.75 USD
Soft Cap
3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
15,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
23 December 2018
Pre ICO End Date
14 April 2019
Start Date
23 December 2018
End Date
14 April 2019

What is Go-Fund?


Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin among many others, have been changing international markets, when it comes to the possibilities of digital monetary payment solutions revolutionising our existing economy. 

There are numerous businesses scaling from one-man businesses to international conglomerates, who have realised the vast amount of potentials and expansion opportunities this new area of blockchain technology and the usage of cryptocurrencies entails.
We as the GO-FUND platform and ICO seek to create a connection between this new, thriving blockchain and cryptocurrency community as well as the so-called “real economy”, being startups and companies in any line of business seeking to fund or expand their company with the aid of the cryptocurrency community via our crypto crowdfunding platform. 

We, as the GO-FUND platform and ICO aim at creating a connection between the new, flourishing blockchain and cryptocurrency community with the so-called real economy. The platform is suitable for startups and companies in any line of business as well as non-profit organisations, seeking capital for different projects in return for equity and/or various other investors’ benefits. Grace to the blockchain and cryptocurrency community on the investor’s side, projects published on our platform will be funded and enabled to be executed successfully. 


What is our USP? 

We offer, what the market has been looking for. – On the one hand we thrive to offer the most uncomplicated as well as fast procedure to realise projects of companies and organisations seeking capital via crowdfunding. On the other hand we aim at publishing innovative and sustainable investment opportunities for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community as well as common investors around the globe. 

There are many investors in the booming blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, who have earned a fortune – sometimes literally over night – who are now on the look-out for sustainable, long-term investments in the so-called real economy. GO-FUND serves as a full- service provider and trust partner between the blockchain and cryptocurrency community and the so-called real economy. 


Why the GO-FUND Coin? 

For the services the GO-FUND platform provides acting as a full-service agency and trust partner to investors and businesses seeking capital, all fees will be charged in GFC. If a user, who has to pay fees, does not hold any GFC, he/she can purchase them automatically from a third party crypto stock exchange linked to our website. This will be one of the factors ensuring a constant flow of GFC, besides numerous other use cases, such as the usage for payments on our platform and our profitable masternode rewarding opportunities.

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