Gofind XR (XRT)

Decentralised Layer of Internet for XR Data

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
25,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
18 June 2019
Pre ICO End Date
30 June 2019
Start Date
1 July 2019
End Date
15 August 2019

What is Gofind XR?

Most of our current information is stored in the 2D Web of the Internet. But that’s all going to change. There is information all around us in the near-feld of 3D space, which includes information on people we meet, food we eat, houses & clothes we see, navigation, etc. This is valuable information that we need to access in real-time and in parallel needed for experiencing those activities. To extract the true value of this information, we need a new paradigm in computing and value creation; we need to enhance the way we see and experience our environment around us; and we need a new kind of reality – we call this Extended Reality (XR). XR is a digital layer on top of the real world. Gofnd is building a new kind of Internet – ‘XR Web’ along with the platform tools and infrastructure for others to navigate , populate and build various application on this new playground. The user interface of the future is not a screen that sits on your desk but instead is the real world itself. By mixing the digital and the physical, Extended Reality will truly enhance and enrich our lives.

Advances in deep learning has allowed computers to be trained to understand our world in ways similar to how humans do. This means that we can use deep learning to help in our daily activities such as shopping, navigation, banking and many other aspects of our daily life.

However, building such a system needs a lot of data, a lot of which need to be populated by humans and/or aided with AI. GoFind is an open source XR computing platform that is crowd-trained to understand the XR world. It uses a new consensus system for validating crowd-sourced ’labelling’ work which can be called ‘Proof of Useful Work”, and then rewards Gofnd tokens to the builders of the XR Web as well as to its moderators. These tokens enable the Builders to get a share of the value creation as long as the tokens are staked. In GoFind, the work is building the spatial world and the consensus is the general agreement from community that the work is correct and/or enjoyable and allowed into the Spatial Distributed Ledger. As areas get tagged, the Gofnd coins get mined into the token ecosystem. The total number of GoFind tokens allocated for accelerated mining are fxed after which there is an annual infation amortised by week. This incentivizes early participation to build the XR Web. At the same time, value of Gofnd tokens may increase due to increase value in the Gofnd ecosystem and scarcity of new coins. The increased value will incentivize builders to tag and mine more and attract early adopters.

This XR computing network will be used in various applications such as Ecommerce, payment , security and Augmented Reality glasses. To run the applications, the platforms will have to use GoFind coins. This will further increase the demand of the ever-decreasing supply of coins and hence be increasing their value over time.

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