Gondar Protocol (GND)

A cross-chain to drive the most innovative crypto projects and different paths that only you will decide

Review Score
ICO Price
0.0000055 - 0.00000875 BNB
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
82000 USD
Start Date
29 July 2021
End Date
6 August 2021

What is Gondar Protocol?


As we know, in recent months many more people and projects are joining our world, some people see that it is still difficult to understand how certain aspects work in the blockchain. The growth has been exponential, so much so that there are many projects that focus on only one branch and remain there forever, but why not venture into different branches. That is why the Gondar Protocol is a project that will focus on several branches. In a first branch, a kind of Launch Pad not so complicated will be developed, although in a first stage we will develop in BSC blockchain, the objective is to cover all the existing blockchains and the new ones that will appear along the way, and that the People can participate in the launches of their favorite projects that will be included in this system, without the need for them to have to accumulate a large amount of tokens. Currently there are launch pads that are too restrictive in nature in this regard. Another additional branch is the Staking that will benefit the holders in the long term with passive APY, which allows them to maximize their tokens with minimal risk, all while the project continues to develop. They will be able to enter and withdraw their tokens at any time, without the need for it. The farm will also be enabled for the community. An important branch is that the community together with the team will be able to decide the path of the project, contributing ideas to improve and add more branches to be able to cover various needs that are lacking in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. And many more branches that will be revealed in time.

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