Gooruf (GUR)

Reinventing the World of Finance

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0.01 USD
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Soft Cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
50,000,000 USD
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What is Gooruf? has been live for two years as a centralized site with an Italian POC (Proof of Concept) well developed and two early stage versions in UK and Asia, respectively with office in Milan, London and Hong Kong. The technical development is already quite sophisticated and the Italian version already has thousands of registered Users.

The platform is promoted by two expert founders and an established team. The project received an early investment from Blue Financial Communication (BFC), an Italian Publishing House listed in Milan Stock Market (publisher of financial websites and magazines, including the Italian version of Forbes).

Thanks to a new development based on Blockchain, Gooruf is reinventing the world of Finance by building a system that at the same time is: a Blockchain Decentralized Social Network for Individual Users interested in finance and financial products (encompassing news, training, investments, insurance and other financial products);  a Blockchain Decentralized Ecosystem for Financial Providers of all those information and products.

By democratizing the access to the financial sector through the transparency and verifiability of the blockchain technology, Gooruf Ecosystem will help millions of Users to access the financial markets.

Gooruf has two kinds of Users: daily Users with passion and interest in finance (who want to stay in contact each other and to improve their capability to earn from financial investments) and occasional Users with the need of financial products (who want to choose and buy an insurance, a loan, a mortgage, a retirement plan, etc.). To satisfy the expectations of the Users, Gooruf aggregates many kinds of Financial Providers: Publishing Houses, Training Companies, Financial Firms, Financial Advisors, etc.

Thanks to a big variety of tools based on Blockchain technology (reward program, reputation systems, marketplaces, exchange, etc.) for the Financial Providers the Gooruf Ecosystem will be a new channel to promote themselves, develop marketing research and distribute their services and products, plus it will be a way to engage new and old clients without intermediation cost thanks to the Blockchain decentralization.

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