Gramaton Token (GRAN)

Cloud-mining Organization

Review Score
ICO Price
0.35 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.12 USD
Soft Cap
25,000,000 GRAN
Hard Cap
212,500,000 GRAN
Pre ICO Start Date
20 May 2018
Pre ICO End Date
27 May 2018
Start Date
28 May 2018
End Date
24 July 2018

What is Gramaton Token?

The recent rise of cryptocurrencies created numerous new opportunities for investors, finance experts and technology enthusiasts. More importantly, the new medium has shifted the emphasis away from the central authority of banks, enabling users to positively contribute to the ever-expanding global community whilst ensuring impressive financial returns.

The main vehicle of such decentralization is crypto mining. In simple terms, it’s a process of verifying and recording transactions in the context of the blockchain technological infrastructure. It is far from straightforward, since such procedure requires solving extremely complicated mathematical problems. Not only this, but the continuously intensifying competition leads to the constantly increasing difficulty of resolving these “puzzles”.

Unsurprisingly, this requires computational power far beyond standard consumer-grade laptops and PCs. High quality specialized hardware, dedicated secure facilities, round-the-clock technical support and low-cost energy are all crucial prerequisites of any successful mining operation.

And that’s when Gramaton comes into play. Gramaton is a crowdfunded token with an adjacent large-scale mining operation. Our world-class mining centre, located in Belarus, was built with the key objective of enabling the wide global community of users to succeed in the crypto market without investing millions of dollars in equipment first.

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