Grandle (GRAND)

Decentralized security and permission less control

Review Score
ICO Price
0.09 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
500000 USD
Hard Cap
10000000 USD
Start Date
9 April 2021
End Date
15 July 2021

What is Grandle?

Grandle’s decentralized finance capabilities utilize a smart chain network that is actively revolutionizing the world of crypto. The program enables easy interoperability between various platforms and skyrockets the users’ economic gains.

Blockchain’s new best friend: Grandle
Seamless data coordination not only supports blockchain’s decentralization but also enhances security. Grandle is highly programmable as it streamlines activities and paves the way for new digital assets. This approach to smart contracts allows for easier access to important data deemed indispensable in the Blockchain network.

Innovative technologies that change the game
Users benefit from the provision of enhanced liquidity and better yield farming capabilities. This is backed by an effective token system that enables crypto traders and yield farmers to maximize their financial earnings. Our robust distribution methods ensure zero disruptions to on-chain activities in the Grandle ecosystem to top it off.

Extensive application possibilities through various use cases
Grandle’s agile structure lays the groundwork for aspiring developers to launch their applications by using all sorts of real-time data insights. There are unique opportunities for discovery, analysis, and decision-making. The use cases are various and far-reaching in terms of their collective impact on users. From DAOs and derivatives to Dex’s and Margin Trading, the possibilities are truly endless. Thus, Grandle builds an unshakeable foundation for all those immersed in the world of blockchain.

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