Greelance (GRL)

Connects The Global Talent Of Engineers | IT Professionals | Developers | Designers | Technical Writers & Digital Marketers To Unlimited Opportunities

Review Score
ICO Price
0.02 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
3000000 USD
Hard Cap
15000000 USD
Start Date
11 August 2023
End Date
15 September 2023

What is Greelance?


Greelance is a decentralized talent and services network that aims to revolutionize the current talent and services marketplaces.

The platform introduces a self-sustainable circular economy designed to replace the existing high-taxing and inefficient talent and services marketplaces. Greelance leverages its native token, based on the ERC20 standard, to facilitate interactions and rewards within the network.

This token serves as a utility token, allowing users to engage in professional activities, receive rewards, and interact with other users.

While the Greelance token is the primary payment method on the platform, users also have the option to transact using fiat money or stable coins.

The platform emphasizes real-time payments for completed tasks, incentivizing users with the Greelance token. The overarching vision of Greelance is to provide a peer-to-peer talent and service management platform that utilizes digital signatures to facilitate direct fund transfers between parties in a decentralized manner.

The platform aspires to create a fair talent and service marketplace that doesn’t exploit or favor any party. Instead, it rewards individuals willing to perform tasks that enhance the platform’s social interaction and contribute to its revenue growth.

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