We generate clean energy. We own our power plants. We mine crypto. We own our rigs. Now we’re scaling.

Review Score
ICO Price
10 USD
Pre ICO Price
10 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
2 000 000 H2PWR
Start Date
1 May 2018
End Date
30 November 2018

What is H2SOL?

So who is behind H2SOL? Our foundations are strong. We’re a scion of Solar Global, a pioneering $150m IPP (Independent Power Producer) exceeding yield expectations on over 40MWp of utility-scale solar and hydro energy plants across Central and Eastern Europe.

We’ve always been innovative, constantly pushing the envelope on new technology to solve real-world problems. For example we were one of the first IPPs to introduce battery storage to solve the intermittency issue. So when we saw the fast-emerging problem of energy demand for crypto-mining, we investigated in the way we always do: by “getting our hands dirty” and using our own funds we built our own large-scale pilot projects. We started that over one year ago and we are now confident we can offer a sustainable and profitable product (in form of the H2SOL security token) to the public. The so-called ICO market offers what we want – large community that supports our values and liquidity we need in order to quickly cover the fast-growing global demand for sustainable yet profitable crypto mining. We proud ourselves in being the trend-setters among traditional businesses and that is why we are bringing our established name into the wild world of blockchain ICOs. We believe there is a demand for concrete, current and continuous projects that have the underlying assets, comply with the regulations from day one and offer sustainability as well as profitability to those who decide to get on board.

As we established the pilot projects in 2017 we assembled a team of kickass crypto-pioneers in the region who had developed their own mining software solution among other firsts. Keeping up with this fast-moving space, we are now maestros in building, supply chain and operating at utility scale: a constellation of high-energy expertise with outstanding records in all relevant fields including renewable energy power plant build, renewco O&M, large crypto-mining facilities and global IT infrastructure.

So no hipsters with laptops and flat whites operating from lofts with some rented faces on a cool website here: instead dedicated, proven best-in-class industry professionals who have been part of our team for many years and whose investment-grade DNA has always challenged them to next-generation upsides while solving real-world problems.

The regulators are making 2018 the “year of rules” for the DLT space. The security token is ready; the regulations are not. As we are not ones to get discouraged and we are rather pro-active, we have retained best-in-class legal, tax and blockchain experts to draft a bullet-proof framework to comply with. The H2PWR token event is a way to make a true, dividend-generating token happen.
Once we’re licensed (process in works already) to issue, you can join us and receive instant payouts as we populate our existing renewable energy estate with latest-spec, optimized-basket, mining rigs with a safety net of to-the-grid selling revenues as explained further below.

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