Healthy Token (HLCN)

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ICO Price
0.034594 USD
0.0001984126 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
3,000 ETH
Hard Cap
12,000 ETH
Start Date
6 April 2018
End Date
16 June 2018

What is Healthy Token?

The world of money and finance is changing rapidly right before our eyes. While much of the world remains unaware or skeptical, the parallel world of crypto-finance is evolving faster than ever before. Cryptocurrencies have been seen by some as merely a passing fad or insignificant, but as time passes, the growing usage and range of capabilities we are witnessing indicate that cryptocurrencies are taking on an important role, pushing cryptocurrency investing from a hacker novelty to a more common mainstream practice.

Although many skeptics around the world are saying that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are nothing more than a bubble, studies suggest the situation is not all black and white. While new cryptocurrencies appear and disappear continuously and their market capitalization is increasing exponentially.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are experiencing growing pains as the market for digital coins explodes. Exchanges have struggled to keep up with the growth of the crypto-market. Exchanges have halted trading, experienced outages, and crashed during periods of high volumes and demand. Part of that pressure has been driven by hundreds of thousands of new market entrants. If we compare this with traditional markets, there is still a lot of room for growth. Fidelity had 24.9 million brokerage accounts at the end of June, according to the latestavailable data on the company’s website. Total customer assets were $6.2 trillion. CharlesSchwab reported 10.6 million active brokerage accounts for October, in contrast with 11.7 million users in October for Coinbase, the leading U.S. platform for buying and selling bitcoin.

Market is evolving and more and more traders will move from traditional to crypto markets andthat’s were advance trading platforms will fill in the spot. The maturing cryptocurrency industry has sparked development of new technologies. But with different technology vendors serving different parts of the marketplace, market fragmentation formed. Many exchanges are forming different user interfaces and platforms that makes confusing environment for traders. The result of this fractured market is manifesting in operational and cost inefficiency, leaving traders overwhelmed with barriers.

Healthy Coin is developed by a strong, cross-functional team in order to eliminate all friction points, maximize profit and mitigate risk by consolidating best trading practices and offer best trading tools for active traders. In collaboration with our existing community of hundreds of active traders and investors (and growing) around the globe and these goals in mind, we will deliver a smart trading platform that seamlessly connects to multiple exchanges and gateways, along with next generation trading tools and provides active traders and investors of all experience levels a collaborative and trustworthy trading environment.

We will build the best crypto trading platform and one stop tool in the crypto universe for professional traders. In order to achieve stimulated environment for traders we will create HLCN tokens which will be the currency of the platform. HLCN is a utility token that will be used on the platform to pay fees and access various features and services. HLCNs will also be distributed to traders to incentivize community building and value creation through a rating- based dynamic reward system.

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