Unleash the Inner Artist
AI Technology Amplifies Your Musical Talent!

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29 September 2023
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1 October 2023

What is HumAI?

HumAI is an innovative music streaming platform developed using artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. HumAI offers amateur and professional musicians the opportunity to create music, compose, publish and sell their works with the help of artificial intelligence. At the same time, it provides a platform for music lovers to discover, listen to and buy music of different genres.

HumAI’s vision is to solve problems in the music industry, support musicians’ creativity and increase their income, enrich music lovers’ experiences and develop music culture. HumAI’s mission is to create a decentralized, secure, fair and sustainable music ecosystem using the advantages offered by artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

HumAI integrates artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to bring many innovations to the music industry. HumAI makes the process of making music and composing easier with artificial intelligence, offers musicians a new creativity tool, helps them produce music in different styles. HumAI creates a smart contract for each work with blockchain technology, protects the ownership of works, manages copyrights, provides revenue sharing. HumAI also creates an NFT (non-fungible token) for each work, making works digitally unique and scarce, increasing the value of works and facilitating their trading.

HumAI is an open marketplace for amateur and professional musicians. Artists can upload their music to the platform for sale, making it accessible to other musicians and music lovers. A community is created with the participation of both amateur and professional artists on the platform and a user base that closely follows developments in this field emerges.

HumAI is also a discovery platform for music lovers. All kinds of music genres are available on the platform. Music lovers can search for music in their desired genre, listen to it and buy it. They can also receive personalized music recommendations and services with artificial intelligence. HumAI offers music lovers the opportunity to discover and listen to new and interesting music.

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