Icareum (ICRM)

Interactive Constructions and Architecture

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Soft Cap
1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
27,000,000 USD
Start Date
4 May 2018
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What is Icareum?

ICAR – Interactive Constructions and Architecture.

It is the first decentralized online service for creating of interactive architectural visualization. ICAR is the service based on modern computer game technologies, allowing to develop interactive visualization of architectural concepts or interior design projects of any scales. It is, in own way, unique online architectural – IT service allowing to convert architectural 3d drawings into a mini- computer game with high specification and realness of materials, textures, environment and natural phenomena with a possibility of manipulations with objects and interactions with them in real time. Our software product allows to visualize not only architectural forms, but also a landscape of the represented land plot – precisely by a topographical survey.

For today, our team faces the challenge of bringing to market the first and so far the only online service that users from all over the world can use to create interactive real-time visualizations themselves. At the same time, it will be quick, easy, without special training in using software and without having at its disposal powerful working computers that are usually needed to render graphics of this level on such a scale.

Our team comes from the field of design, architecture and engineering. And understanding of all aspects and problems of this industry, based on our own many years of experience – was decisive in our vision of how this industry will develop in the near future. At the end of 2016, our team implemented several architectural concepts, a visual and comprehensive presentation of which was extremely important. In addition, the task was to present these architectural solutions not to an individual customer and a narrow circle of its representatives, but to a wide range of persons interested in the project. At the same time, all people had different specializations and considered the project in terms of their experience and their field of activity. It should be noted that the deadline for this task was more than just short. It was at that moment that it became obvious to us that the usual tools for creating architectural visualizations do not meet the set goals and requirements. Simply few beautiful, sent out by mail and transferred to the customer in the printed form – definitely will not solve the problem to the full. And we made our first attempt to link the architectural project with the computer gaming engine. So that representatives of the general audience could independently use the simplest manipulators such as a keyboard and mouse or a joystick” to “walk” and “fly” through project, to look inside buildings and to have the possibility to look at the concept from their own angle – in a literal and figurative sense. And we did it. And got the expected effect and result. Today, looking back a year ago, we understand how crude, unfinished and non-functional that first project was and how far we have progressed to this point. But even so, a year ago such a presentation of visualization was something new for everyone, previously unseen and making an indelible impression. Due to the hard work of our team throughout the year, our product has so stepped forward and the prospects for its development have gone so far beyond the horizon. And speeding up the approaching of this future and offering the world its advantages and benefits in the very near future – has become our main task.

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