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Name Description Review Score ICO Price Pre ICO Price Soft Cap Hard Cap Start Date End Date
Parachain designed for staking's liquidity
2021/06/09 2021/07/23
Babylon Finance
Community-led Asset Management
Autonomous interest rate machine for lending on Solana
2021/11/01 2021/11/03
High-yield Insurance Platform
Pylon Eco Token
Governance Token, with the benefit of Utility Token, Security Token and CryptoCurrency
0.12 USDT 1200000 USDT 2021/07/01 2022/01/01
Bank Protocol
DeFi lending protocol used for digital assets
$150,000 $600,000 2020/12/23 2020/12/31
DeFi one-stop shop and R&D hub DeFI
2021/06/09 2021/07/23
Monkey Token
Community inspired fair launched DeFi Token
0.002614 USD
Student Coin
Build and manage your own token. It's simple.
 0.005 USD 2,100,000 USD 21,000,000 USD 2021/02/01 2021/04/30
The Protocol-Agnostic Yield Optimizer
Cloud NFT
Design, create, store and trade unique NFTs easily with zero fees!
0.32 USD
The Banking Stack for DeFi
2021/07/01 2021/12/08
CSPro Chain
CSPRO Chain Feel Empowered!
0.85 USD 6000000 USD 20000000 USD
Building the bridge between traditional and decentralized finance
1000000 USD 3300000 USD 2021/11/08 2021/11/10
Dappio Wonderland
Your One Stop Solution Platform that aggregates yield cross DeFi and GameFi
The first NFT vault
More wins. More fun.
300000 USD 1500000 USD 2020/12/10
Cake Monster
The beast of BSC is hungry
1000000 MONSTER
Decentralized P2P Swaping Platform
13000000 USD 2021/11/14 2022/03/09
Decentralized bank Control your assets Up to 250% APR
The full-stack NFT & DeFi platform for creative industries
Pacman Frog
Fueled by Community. Tailored for Everyone.
The first Decentralized Platform for Crypto Trading on the QUANTEX
1.25 USD
UCF Finance
DeFi project on Binance Smart Chain
500000 USD 500000 USD 2021/11/16 2021/12/31
A next-gen open source platform for decentralized finance tentacles.
2.65  0.18 USD $85,000 $85,000 2020/09/14 2020/10/01
Truly free freelancing
2021/05/27 2021/05/27
Structure Finance
Decentralized blockchain-based platform for structured financial products
2021/09/13 2021/09/20
Vortex DeFi
Yield farming simplified
Heiko Finance
Institutional-grade DeFi Parachain
2021/09/01 2021/10/15
Earn More. Stress Less.
2.10 1BNB=216,500 DFR BNB
Tosdis Finance
The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution (TosDis) powered with Liquid Staking
2021/01/13 2021/01/20
Burnt Finance
A fully decentralized auction protocol built on Solana
The Next Generation Decentralized Launchpad and Dex built for Polygon Ecosystem
10000 USD 20000 USD 2022/01/22 2022/04/22
Community Driven Meme Coin
50 BNB 2000 BNB 2021/08/30 2021/09/13
Buffy Inu
Meme token that will be investigating the true identity
0.5 USD 350000 USD 1000000 USD
Oceans Finance
Multi Chain Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding DEFI 3.0 Protocol
50 BNB 2022/04/15 2022/04/20
Flurry Finance
The future of Yield farming
2021/09/03 2021/09/06
Avior Protocol
High Powered Multi-Chain Protocol
2.20 0.4 USD 2022/05/10 2022/05/20
DealDefi Network
A Scalable Heterogenous Blockchain For Lending/Borrowing & Market Place Decentralized Finance
13.425318 USD 300 ETH 500 ETH
Accept & Perform Crypto Payments
2021/09/15 2021/11/15
De-Fi based token built on Binance Smart Chain
25000 USD 55290 USD 2021/05/14 2021/06/01
Community Powered Global Banking
Puppy Planet
The New Generation Of Play to Earn
ParallelChain Token
The public + private blockchain ecosystem scalable to power any real-world and real-time applications
Community driven, DeFi Token
126000 USD 253000 USD 2021/07/11 2021/07/18
Start doing good with DeFi
3.95 3750000 USD 2021/11/29 2021/12/01
Public Blockchain Protocol
Beer Game Token
The DeFi game of Beer
 0.02 USD 40000 USD 80000 USD 2021/05/14 2021/05/18
Manta Network
The first privacy-preserving DeFi stack powered by zkSNARK
2021/11/10 2021/11/11
Get Ready Defi, NFTs, Staking
1.85 2021/10/28 2021/12/25
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