IDTechnology (Lika)

ID is a data control platform based on blockchain technology. It allows users to easily connect to different services.

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15 May 2018
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15 June 2018

What is IDTechnology?

ID is an open source technology based on blockchain: a totally free protocol (everyone can create his own client), which permits to authenticate on internet services, manage these exploited data as well as sell them.

All experts agree on one fundamental point: Data is the new black gold. The problem is that, as any new resource at it’s beginning, it is extremely badly managed: governments and the companies are exceeded by their treatment, their theft or their management.

The problem is that their management is vital: in 2020 (in two years), data will represent 8% of European GDP, so 220 billion
dollars (Source: European Commission). Actually centralized in some multinationals servers’, without international consensus for their regulation, the management of the data stands out as the major problem of the 21st century. The consequences are already visible: election influence, data theft and more. You’ll guess it: with the current organization, we rush right into the

States are trying to put regulations in place: The European Union has rolled out the RGPR early in May 2018.
This regulation is an excellent thing. The problem is that it is a brake on technological advancement: universities, artificial
intelligence companies, medical research and many others have a vital and huge need for data. The purpose of this regulation is to put the user in front of his responsibilities, with messages such as “this site uses cookies to track your activity” or simplified
legal prosecutions.

This centralization of data, it’s mismanagement and it’s huge need seems to be the first major Achilles heel of internet.
ID is the technological answer to this crisis: a decentralized system that uses the power of the blockchain, a system that does not belong to anyone, whether it is a company or a state, a totally transparent system on the sale and use of data with the help of smart contract sophisticated, legally recognized and inviolable, and especially security: a complex encryption
system that, coupled with the blockchain and the IPFS, makes the system much more secure than any other server centralises.
As you can see, ID is the solution to the major problem of data: it is a revolution that uses the latest progress in terms of security and decentralization. ID is a break in the internet that permits an ethical use of data, it’s traceability, which will lead to a renewed confidence between the users and the giants of the Internet.

Finally, ID is a brand new industry, which benefits to everyone without exception. It’s a new source of income on internet at a time when advertising is being abused.

ID, it’s a new era on internet, where we go from anarchy to a system of internet governance on a global scale: governance without a king or minister, governance totally transparent and maintained by each actor internet.

The system is based on a cryptocurrency: The Lika. it will be used during the transactions in the network, the purchase of data in bulk, to pay data providers (such as developers …). The user who sells this data will be able to choose to be paid in Lika or in dollars. This will permit a rapid adoption by the general public, which does not necessarily have a concept in cryptocurrency. Once well democratized to the general public, users will be payed in Lika.

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