Initial Exchange Offer (IEO)

Decentralized Cross-Blockchain Exchange Federation

Review Score
ICO Price
0.18 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.18 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
60,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
15 October 2019
Pre ICO End Date
1 March 2020
Start Date
15 October 2019
End Date
1 March 2020

What is Initial Exchange Offer?

ICTE is a cross-blockchain decentralized exchange comprised of a collection of regional cross-blockchain exchanges that reinvents the traditional model of crypto currency exchanges, and distributes clients to create a global liquidity pool which allows the secure and streamlined management of digital assets. ICTE benefits existing users of centralized exchanges as well as enabling a multitude of new users to run on its platform, such as:
● Utility Service Providers, who offer products and services for digital assets
● Wallet Holders wishing to make peer-to-peer trades
● Algorithmic and institutional traders

We encourage and actively seek out partnerships with qualified individuals to own and operate regional satellite exchanges in the ICTE community.

Our unique model is focused on distributing clients on a decentralized network of exchanges which mitigates a myriad of risks faced by centralized exchanges like malicious attacks, denial of service, and a single point of failure events. We pool regional liquidity into a global pool for every digital asset and provide the trading environment institutional traders are accustomed to in established markets as well as adding near real-time settlements and unprecedented security not seen in current established capital markets or existing crypto exchanges.

Each ICTE exchange is a cross-cloud, fully functional, distributed multi-blockchain exchange that supports most order types such as non-display, baskets, and discretionary orders that communicate on our network. Smart Contracts and Oracles are supported throughout the ICTE ecosystem.

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