INS Ecosystem (INS)

The Grocery Industry, Reinvented

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Start Date
4 December 2017
End Date
25 December 2017

What is INS Ecosystem?

The grocery market, one of the largest consumer markets in the world, is forecast to reach $8.5 trillion by 2020. It is reaching a digital tipping point, with much of its growth to come from online. Online grocery, being the target segment for INS, is expected to grow from $98 billion in 2015 to $290 billion in 2020, according to IDG estimates.

Despite the tremendous growth, the grocery market has two large interrelated problems – abuse by grocery retailers and ineffective trade promotions.

The grocery market dominated by retailers. Retail chains capture a very high share of grocery revenue and have a huge influence over manufacturers, causing deep impact on consumers worldwide. Retailers dictate what food is grown and how it is processed, packaged, priced and promoted. As an example, in the UK, four retailers serve as a slim conduit for 7,000 manufactures to sell their products to 25 million households , which demonstrates how the 1 existence of retailer abuse in the grocery industry has not only been allowed to develop but also thrived.

INS has the prerequisites to perform an ambitious task of disrupting the grocery industry based on our deep industry knowledge and confirmed interest from the largest grocery manufacturers in the world. More than 4 years of grocery industry track record. INS is founded by veterans of the online grocery industry, using the knowledge and experience acquired since 2013. We have built strong relationships manufacturers and gained valuable feedback from consumers. INS received strong interest from both large and small consumer goods manufacturers in the world.

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