InterFinex (ITT)

The First Dedicated Exchange for Advanced Traders

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ICO Price
0.1 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
$32M (Including $27M via Trade-Mining)
Pre ICO Start Date
15 August 2018
Pre ICO End Date
30 September 2018
Start Date
10 August 2018
End Date
15 September 2018

What is InterFinex?

InterFinex has worked hand-in-hand with top crypto & traditional market traders to create a platform that includes the following unique qualities and solutions:



#1 Trading dashboard designed with leading, influential traders from traditional markets.

Needs of advanced traders are not met by existing crypto trading platforms, most of which are very similar and were designed by software developers, not expert-level traders.They lack order types,API options, multi-monitor functionality etc.


#2 Clear reporting of trade performance with risk & portfolio analytics.

Inability to easily check portfolio performance (P&L) is a major paint point for traders. InterFinex has built-in portfolio and performance reporting modelled after traditional market leaders and risk management that gives traders instant clarity.


#3 Concierge providing 24×7 phone support & account services.

In urgent situations – lost deposits, withdrawals, inability to access account – immediate support is paramount. We’re the first exchange to provide phone support and we aim to become known for extraordinary customer service, a differentiation in itself. 


#4 Regulated environment and cybersecurity best practices.

An issue for most high net worth market players is how “shady” some existing platforms are – avoiding regulation, hiding their real address etc. Our approach is that of full regulatory compliance and transparency which we believe is the only way forward.



Is another exchange necessary? How are we different?

By catering to everyone, legacy exchanges fail to offer solutions to key pain points of demanding traders. There is no clear competitor platform focused on satisfying advanced traders.

“Traditional market (stock, Forex) traders avoid the cryptocurrency space despite it’s attractive volatility as there is no adequate trading platform for them to execute their advanced strategies on.”

The market hasn’t yet entered a phase of specialization – every exchange serves every customer. InterFinex is the first and only exchange designed and built for a specific audience. Unique brand message, UX, features, and service, with a clear focus.

That is how we’re different.



Trade-Mining ICO

Trade-Mining is a new way to distribute tokens among active traders instead of only investors. During ICO, trading fees paid on the exchange are “refunded” in the form of InterTokens.

This method of distributing tokens to the community helps incentivize and reward early adopters, generates more publicity and helps gain momentum and publicity faster.


** PLEASE NOTE: We’re raising funds via a private token presale. The ICO that follows will be conducted via trade-mining ONLY. **

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