The Internet of GPUs is Finally Here

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7 June 2024
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10 June 2024

What is was created with the vision of creating a globally accessible, decentralized cloud computing network with the goal of providing affordable, flexible, and permissionless access to compute capacity for builders everywhere. The team believes that compute is the most important resource of our generation – it is this generation’s “digital oil”, powering a technological industrial revolution.

If compute is “digital oil”, it needs a petro-dollar to act as a transaction and settlement standard for the commodity that powers the most innovative industries of today from AI to autonomous vehicles. is creating that standard, $IO, to be the currency of compute, powering an ecosystem of products and services that enable access to compute as a resource and asset.

The team is establishing an ecosystem built on top of compute as a currency. This ecosystem provides a suite of tools and services for building, training, and deploying machine learning models – all on chain, powered by Aptos and Solana.

This enables users to deploy their models for real-time inference, with features like batch inference and efficient training and fine-tuning of machine learning models. To put it simply, $IO represents the currency of computing power. If the US Dollar is the standard that unlocks oil transactions, then $IO will unlock computing resources on a global scale.

$IO seeks to become the universal compute exchange medium for users and enterprises worldwide.

Today, access to GPUs and CPUs are restricted due to scarce resources relative to the growth in demand. Driven by extraordinary growth in industries like AI and machine learning, the demand for compute creates enormous value accrual for traditional cloud providers and GPU companies, but also creates limited access for startups, independent builders, and innovators in developing markets.

To solve this, is building IOG Network, a decentralized “Internet of GPUs” that is powered by millions of distributed nodes operated by a diverse spectrum of sources, such as: consumers, crypto miners, and independent enterprise grade data centers. This network will become progressively decentralized and governed by the users and operators in the network, while enabling democratized, permissionless access to on-demand AI compute for builders around the globe.

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