Edutainment Token

Review Score
ICO Price
0.034871 USD
0.0002 ETH
Pre ICO Price
0.021794 USD
0.000125 ETH
Soft Cap
5,000 ETH
Hard Cap
70,000 ETH
Start Date
16 July 2018
End Date
2 September 2018

What is IXTUS?


In today’s volatile and complex world, the rapid transformation of the global economy has created extreme competition and yet regional economies have become interdependent in order to reap maximum benefits from various international alliances. Globalization has exponentially sped up the development of information and communication technologies, with a plethora of networks. Unfortunately, all of these often exist in silos with no structured organization or centralized management. As these emerging technologies evolve, however, the future will inevitably become more dependent on the knowledge, skills, and resourcefulness of its people, thereby creating new opportunities and challenges for education, forcing society to be increasingly nimble and adaptable with learning as its modus operandi.

Education, already the main priority for most at present will be even more valued and we will see increased investments in varied educational ventures. Greater emphasis will be placed on acquiring “soft skills”, such as creativity, leadership, perceptiveness, and resilience. A progressive education curriculum will need to anticipate these requirements of the future labor market.

With the shifting emphasis towards a knowledge-based and technology-reliant economy, multimedia-based platforms are poised to become the future of education. Society must be prepared to invest in young minds to ensure continued progress, especially since education is key to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty. The current societal trend with small nuclear families indicates that parents are placing even more emphasis on education from an early age and are willing to splurge to maximize the potential of their children, despite the increasing costs to keep up with the constantly evolving technology.

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