Kamen (KNT)

Virtual Currency That is Equal to Visa

Review Score
ICO Price
0.000349 USD
0.000002 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
555 ETH
Hard Cap
1400 ETH
Start Date
19 December 2018
End Date
20 February 2019

What is Kamen?


KamenToken is a virtual currency that is equal to the price of a visa outside of  human life. People can use it to replace cash. Pay for a meal at a luxury restaurant, or pay for a subway ride. The purpose is to serve human life more accurate and perfect. The quick payment on security is great in KNT.

At present, the world population is growing, people tend to move from low-income places to better-paid and better-off places. Along with the development of science and technology today. The faster the life, the faster the demand for anonymity. The quicker it gets, the better rapid payments will be the current and future trend of the world, with the development of Bitcoin and Etherum, it is perfectly legitimate to encode
real money into virtual currency for human consumption. Kamen Token (KNT) is based on the Etherum platform. KNT is also a technical standard used for smart contracts on Ethereum Blockchain when it comes to Token. KNT will replace human cash in the future. As it will be widely used in
life, accompanied by the services that KNT present, such as the payment of  food, transportation by public bus, taxi, airplane, train underground, ship. Instead of spending time in cash payments, it takes time or even human error. KNT will solve those problems by helping people to perform
faster and more accurately to 99.99%. Trends will change the use of KNT to be developed in the future. People will not depend on everything just a smart phone and KNT money will help people in their daily lives. We will develop everything for the purpose of human life development.

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