KimberLite Token (KIMBER)

The World’s First Diamond-Powered Web3 Ecosystem

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ICO Price
0.2 USD
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0.1 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
3600000 USD
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What is KimberLite Token?

Our team of investment and commodity experts have spent more than 3-years developing a cutting-edge ecosystem based around diamonds. It encompasses Commodity Trading, Tangible Non-Fungible Token (TNFT) Sales Portal and the ultimate in ‘Play-to-Earn’ gaming.

KimberLite is the worlds first cryptocurrency that is designed specifically for buying and selling precious commodities such as Diamonds and Gold, providing exceptional stability.

The core use of KimberLite shall be undertaking peer-to-peer payments necessary within multi-million dollar precious commodity transactions. Blockchain technology will allow vendors to validate receipt of buyer funds instantly enabling completion of complex trades in real-time.

The main focus at all design stages has been a genuine desire for controlling circulating tokens and life-cycle which will result in a constantly buoyant market value. Our vesting and lock periods as well as an annual program for ‘burning’ tokens will generate growth and increased token demand.

The cornerstone of successful economies globally is based upon incentivisation, whether that be banks offering interest rates or sellers providing discounts.

The KimberLite ecosystem shall be no different, rewarding user participation with a range of innovative schemes. These include investors being granted access to diamonds at drastically reduced prices and annual dividend payments derived profits realised from commodities traded on the platform.

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